Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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'Kill the Jews' Appears Fraudulent

The Gay Secretary

Yousef al-Khattab's real name is Joseph Cohen (they even admit it in the photo caption). He is JEWISH, and like Adam Gadahn (real name Adam Pearlman) is a phony trying to trick Americans into making war on Israel's enemies.

Why are the Muslims Israel's enemies?


The "Clash of Civilizations" is really about a clash of banking systems. ON the one hand you have the so-called "Western" banking system involving compound interest and legalized counterfeiting by private central banks, the very system whose two forerunners nearly ruined the US and whose current incarnation is doing exactly that.

This system of banking, which enriches the bankers while impoverishing the masses, tolerates no threats. When President Andrew Jackson revoked the charter of the first Bank of the United States, there was an attempted assassination which failed when both pistols used by the assassin failed to fire.

Both Lincoln and Kennedy attempted to free the nation's people from the bankers by returning to the original Constitutional form of currency; notes issued interest-free by the government. Lincoln had his greenbacks, and Kennedy had his US Notes. Both of these Presidents were assassinated and in both cases their new currencies were immediately withdrawn from circulation and destroyed. When Adolf Hitler dared issue a government currency to pull Germany out of the post WW1 hyper-inflation, the global bankers declared war on Germany, trying to organize a global boycott on all German goods to crush Germany's new economy before the rest of the world's people realized that it was a better system.

The anger from this obvious attempt to destroy their economy is what set the stage for WW2.

In contrast, the Islamic system of banking is a long plus flat fee. Because of this system, the Islamic world has not suffered from the crushing debts created by western banks. Western banks see this alternative system as a dire threat to their power and profits. So inevitably, as the globalists pushy towards a one world government, there must be a war between western style banking and Islamic banking, which means a manufactured war between Christians and Muslims, which the bankers will cheer on but not personally get into.

Which is why people like Adam Pearlman and Joseph Cohen do what they do.

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