Saturday, October 24, 2009

Are The Police Dangerously Useless???

American Scofflaw
When seconds count, the police can be there in minutes! Last night for lack of anything better, my wife and I watched an episode of "Kansas City Swat".

Ignoring the fact that none of them know how to bowl (you roll the ball down the alley, you do not simply fling it at the pins), the entire show seemed to be kicking down doors and screaming at people, to net an arrest for minor amounts of drugs and "suspected" meth labs. But at the end of the show they listed what had actually been accomplished and it seemed like most of those people (women and children in many cases) shoved to the floor with shotguns in their backs were never actually charged with any crime.

Now, back when SWAT teams were first created, and TV shows were trying to make them look like heroes, a mistake at the police switchboard sent the SWAT to my family home in Southern California and my mother wound up as one of those women shoved into the wall with a shotgun at the base of her skull. So we know for a fact that not every door kicked down by the SWAT is justified.

Frankly, given the error rates and the paucity of actual charges, this show made the KCS look more like shallow arrogant jerks than anyone I want to have protecting my neighborhood.

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