Thursday, September 17, 2009


The Gay Secretary

Dear President Obey-me.

Insurance corporation profits are not, repeat not, the "defining struggle of this generation."

What arrogant nonsense, even from you.

I know you think you have the divine right to tell Americans what they should think is important or not, but common sense has to tell you that the real defining struggle for the new generation is how to avoid being killed and crippled in all the wars the US Government is trying to start to distract from their total failure with the economy.

The defining struggle of this generation is how to reverse the trend towards tyranny; a trend YOU YOURSELF PROMISED YOU WOULD REVERSE IN YOUR CAMPAIGN SPEECHES, only to support fully now that you are in office.

You promised you would end the wars. The wars continue. Indeed they escalate!

You promised you would end torture. The torture continues.

You promised you would end warrantless spying on Americans. The spying continues.

Only 8 months into the job and you are a total failure as President.

The defining struggle of this generation is how to fire you and all your enablers, and get back the Constitutional Republic the Founding Fathers created for us.

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