Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where's Rahm Emmanuel?

The Gay Secretary

Trying with all his might to make Attorney General Holder's torture investigation all about "destroying morale at the CIA" and disarming America of "techniques" that worked (read: threatening to rape prisoners' mothers), How-Far-Have-the-Mighty-Fallen Dick Cheney had to put on his tie again yesterday to work the talk shows, rather than relaxing like a proper ex-VP at fishing and accidentally shooting his friends in the face.


"My sort of overwhelming view is that the enhanced interrogation techniques were absolutely essential in saving thousands of American lives and preventing further attacks," he said. "It was good policy. It was properly carried out. It worked very, very well."

The real question is why Rahm Emmanuel, who supposedly revels in the political battle, is allowing Cheney to savage his boss without a come-back, as if just because he didn't want investigations, he's going to stand back and let Obama take a beating which will stick in the minds of the misguided torture-equals-safety crowd.

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