Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pull All Stops

American Scofflaw
Israel is pulling out all the stops in order to get the US to neutralize its existential threat, Iran, due to its nuclear energy program.

Israel expects our kids to do the fighting, getting maimed, and dying to achieve this geopolitical outcome.

Even though the US has said that they are willing to talk to Iran regarding the latest document Iran has sent regarding its nuclear program, this is simply cosmetic. Iran has said that its nuclear enrichment is off the table for discussion, and that issue is at the core of the Iran's disagreement with the West.

The US and Israel know, without a doubt, that neither Russia nor China will go along with more sanctions at the UN security council.

So, the US and Israel are left with imposing either unilateral, or bilateral sanctions on Iran.

But how are those sanctions going to function if the rest of the world ignores them?

Short answer: they won't.

War with Russia. Sound like a good idea?


Me neither.

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