Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the Road to a New, Multilateral Currency Order

The Gay Secretary

No doubt the corporate media pom-pom girls will try to spin this as someone else's fault, but in truth the blame for the decline of America rests squarely on the Federal Reserve and the US Government, which shamelessly exploited Bretton Woods and the "credit from thin air" game to exploit and impoverish not only the rest of the world but the American people as well.

Simply by printing up more Federal Reserve Notes for international commerce the United States collected a very covert "Imperial" tax on the rest of the world, abandoning the traditional role of making products to make money and instead making money the product of our nation. The United States quit making TV sets and other products, shifted the messy manufacturing thing is to other countries and settled in to send large piles of cash in round circles in the hopes that they would grow, and thanks to the miracle of the Federal reserve, which turns debt into instant money, the scam worked for a while.

But the Federal reserve, granted legal right to counterfeit and inflate the money supply by the Federal Government, presumably for a piece of the action, is a pyramid, and all pyramids are doomed to fall. Those at the top escape with their loot, while the rest of us living down by the base are buried in the rubble.

And now there is THIS!

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