Thursday, August 13, 2009

בעוד Schmucks עדיין זמין

The Gay Secretary
An Israeli defense official believes Tel Aviv must rush to carry out a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities even without US approval, a report says.

As long as the US remained a strong military supporter of Israel, Israel could attack their neighbors pretty much with impunity.

But Israel recognizes what we already know; that the US Government could collapse like the USSR within the next few months. Absent American tax dollars and American children forced to die killing Israel's enemies, Israel would have to conduct its own wars. And while Israel is effective against Palestinian families carrying white flags, against a modern well-equipped and highly motivated fighting force such as Iran, Israel stands little chance.

The reality is bleak; Israel's dreams of an "Eratz Israel" reaching from the Nile to the Euphrates, dies with the US Government.

Hence the rush to trigger a war with Iran while the schmucks Americans are still available to pay and bleed for it all.

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