Sunday, August 16, 2009

San FranSicko

by Robert Wenzel
In many ways, San Francisco is one of the most overrated cities in the country. There are homeless everywhere. Just a couple of blocks from the San Francisco Hilton and the Parc 55 Hotel is the Tenderloin District. It looks like a bombed out third world country. There are homeless everywhere, many walking around, half naked, stoned out of their minds.

This morning I am in a Starbucks near the Palace Hotel, sipping some green tea. One of the Starbucks' employees comes up to me and says, "Be very careful with your laptop, don't even leave it unguarded for a second." I look up, on my right are two women sitting on a couch, the employee goes over and tells the women the same thing with regard to their purses. Then I notice that in the next chair over is a guy sitting without any Starbucks coffee, or anything else Starbucks, and he looks like a mugger, if I have ever seen one.

Then there are a man and a woman in the next two chairs who appear to be tourists. The next chair from there? Another guy who looks like a mugger. This guy is hardened. He has a very tough face. The kind of face you get only by spending serious time in the slammer. I wonder if he is one of the 20,000 inmates being released from California prisons because of mismanagement of the budget by Arnold "If My Bodyguards Let Me" Schwarzenegger. Released early or not, this is not the type of guy I would want to meet late at night on a dark street, or apparently mid-morning in a Starbucks.

What's amazing is that these two mugger types aren' t even hiding the fact of what they appear to be in the Starbucks for. They are both just keeping their eyes on the purses.

The Strabucks' employee next went to the tourist couple and started to give the same warning when she notices a homeless looking guy stealing one of the pre-packaged sandwiches. He bolts out the door with the sandwich. She gives chase after him, but he is too fast for her. He's down the street, long gone with his lunch.

This is surreal. You have not lived until you have experienced this in person. The obvious question is, "Why don't they just kick out these two purse snatcher types?" They aren't buying anything. Obama's mantra of, "It's not the neighborly thing to do," comes to mind. But when your neighbor is an interloper ready to pounce on your purse or laptop, I think it is okay to boot these guys out on their butt--with a shotgun in your hand.

I really fear that this delusional city is becoming a potential model for the rest of the country, under Obamarule.

And, I really think they should change the song about losing a heart in San Francisco. There are plenty of bleeding hearts all over the damn place, what they have lost is their minds.

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