Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Kids In Uniform Know It

The Gay Secretary

I'll tell you what the problem is. Despite all the propaganda and censorship to isolate our kids in uniform from real news, those young men and women in uniform are smart enough to figure out that THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS IN THIS WAR.

Those soldiers are not defending America from a threat. It is America that is and has repeatedly invaded other nations to steal their resources. and this time, the kids in uniform know it.

This is now personal for me. We just received word that a family member has committed suicide following a tour in Iraq. And as much as I search the web, every article I see about the epidemic of military suicides only speaks of those that happen on the front lines. Nobody seems to want to look at what is happening to these people after they come back home, unless they start shooting at their neighbors.

What is the government doing to our young people?

And why will nobody try to stop it?

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