Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear, Mr. Geithner

By Divine Deval

Memo to Tim Geithner: I know all about taxing the middle class. I just raised the Massachusetts sales tax 25% and now everyone is shopping in New Hampshire. If, sir, in fact, you are looking at more taxes for the middle class, what We the People are looking at is the new "taxation without representation", the fundamental reason American colonists risked all to break from Britain, and found a new nation.

This and the previous administrations borrowed this country into a huge hole to fund these continuing wars without end: no one asked me how the devil they were going to pay for it. I mightily disapprove of the wars and the spending for these wars. However, of course, I was no match for the huge contractors (for whom congressional representatives are merely "acquisitions"), with their fat no-bid contracts who have made out - literally - like bandits from these wars.

And frankly, sir, I do not have one more dollar - one more cent - to spend on a government which has turned its back on its people.

Congress has become absolutely useless in representing the will of the people they allegedly represent; they are simply the acquisitions of the large corporations which have "purchased" them through overt and covert contributions to their campaigns to keep them in power.

This and the previous administration have bailed out their cronies in the banking industry to the tune of trillions of taxpayer dollars.

So, Mr. Geithner, if you believe for one millisecond that the American people are going to continue to fork over their very hard-earned dollars to a government which has, for all intents and purposes, thrown We the People under a bus, you may be in for some very interesting surprises.

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