Monday, July 6, 2009

Here's The Plan

The Gay Secretary

As Israel continues its efforts to portray Iran as a regime hell-bent on a nuclear war, top officials in the White House and the US military express contradictory stances on a potential Israeli attack on Iran.

The top US military commander, Admiral Mike Mullen, warned on Sunday that any military strike against Iran would have "unintended consequences".

My problem is that the US Government, owned as it is by Israel, will respond to Iran's inevitable counter-attack against Israel by sending more of your money to Israel to pay for the weapons, and worse, condemning your children in uniform to a bloody death in yet another war for Eratz Israel!

Israel's PLANNED goal for an attack on Iran is to trick the US and Russia into a mutually destructive world war that will leave Israel and its nuclear arsenal in control of the Mideast oil fields, which means economically in control of most of the world.

The whole world will be Palestine after that!

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