Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Has To Wonder

The Gay Secretary

Looks as though Haaretz is sourcing their old friend again, that Greek, "Anonymous".

But if Israel decides to go through with an attack against a nation which is building a power plant, and not bombs, they should just go ahead and do it - without any US help.

We've spent enough in money and blood, thank you very much, "neutralizing" Iraq, which - by the way - never, ever had weapons of mass destruction.

You will note that the demonization of Iran is proceeding in the corporate western press, ahead of such a potential strike, full-tilt boogie; remember, this was precisely the kind of synchronized lie campaign which preceded the invasion of Iraq.

Iran is Russia's 7th largest trading partner. One has to wonder what Israel thinks Russia will do if Israel attacks Iran.

I don't think the Russian answer to such an attack against Iran will be that of sitting back...and doing nothing.

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