Friday, July 10, 2009

The Gay Secretary

Iran is building a nuclear power station. Iran has the legal right to build nuclear power stations and to make fuel rods for them under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which both the US and Iran have signed.

The IAEA, which enforces the terms of the NNPT, has repeatedly confirmed that Iran is NOT building nuclear weapons or making preparations to do so.

Under the NNPT, The US is not only required to allow Iran to build power stations, but under Article IV is required to assist! I think it is obvious that the best way to know for a fact that Iran is not building a weapons lab underneath their power station is to be in there helping to pour the foundations and lay the pipes!

So, Israel is now screaming that Iran is a threat because Iran is building a nuclear power station. Israel, which actually does have a used-to-be clandestine weapons lab underneath the Dimona reactor and who has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty apparently assuages its guilt over its weapons program by pointing accusing fingers at their neighbors.

Israel did in fact accuse Iraq of planning to build nuclear weapons at their power station at Osirik. Israel then bombed the power station. Following the invasion of 2003 the IAEA inspected the remains of the power station at Osirik and confirmed that it was indeed only a power station. There was no weapons factory in the ruins. So Israel's past record of knowing who does and does not have a weapons lab is rather abysmal.

So, do you want your kids to die in yet another war fought because Israel is hallucinating yet more paranoid fantasies about hidden nuclear weapons factories underneath power stations?

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