Monday, June 29, 2009

what part of "no!" do you not get?

The Gay Secretary

What is going on in this country, right now, is the 21st century's version of taxation without representation.

Oh, of course, we have our Kabuki-style elections every so many years to give the American people the illusion that their interests are really deemed valuable by their congressional representatives.

But in reality, those representatives are simply acquisitions of those large corporations which, overtly and covertly, fund their campaigns. And these acquisitions will never vote against their masters' wishes on specific pieces of legislation, and the needs of the people they allegedly represent is of utterly no importance.

And if Congress decides on a middle class tax hike, they will have demonstrated, very clearly, that they consider the needs of the people they allegedly represent to be utterly irrelevant to them.

That is going to motivate people (particularly, the young and skilled, with kids) to vote with their feet, and move to another place on the planet where, if they are paying high taxes, they actually get benefit from those taxes paid, and where they feel the country to which they have emigrated actually has a future; both a personal future for themselves, and for that economy.

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