Saturday, June 27, 2009

War with China, Anyone?

American Scofflaw

One has to wonder is General Sharp's verbal salvo is some kind of preparation to "groom" the American people for some kind of false flag to justify another war in Korea.

There are only a couple of minor problems with this.

North Korea has a defense treaty with China; the US has a defense treaty with China.

A shooting war with North Korea means that China must, under its treaty obligation, defend North Korea.

War with China, anyone, not to mention China's capability of "dumping" billions of dollars of US debt with which we have been funding our other wars without end?

Let's hope that some adults in the room in Washington realize that this would be the worst of all possible outcomes.

If we are able to get North Korea back to the bargaining table (after the US having broken its word the last time around), it will take a lot of wheeling and dealing by China to make that happen.

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