Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is Really Frightening

The Gay Secretary

The use of torture, domestically or internationally, is completely antithetical to the principals upon which this country was founded, and so beautifully expressed in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights.

If the trials for torture don't happen, charging people from the top down who ordered this done (and I don't see Obama in any hot hurry to have them happen), this country has slid off a cliff in terms of its moral compass as a nation, and will never get that back again.

And that is the terrible, criminal legacy of the preceding administration, enabled by the current administration.

I keep waiting for the American people to get angry about this blood and money sacrificed for these wars based on lies; for dead young men and women coming back in coffins; for other soldiers so physically and emotionally maimed that they can never participate fully in life again.

But most of the time, all I seem to see is a very blank stare; it's almost as though people's understanding of how badly they have been deceived, and financially and emotionally brutalized in all of this, doesn't exist.

And that is frightening.

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