Saturday, June 6, 2009

That Would Be Logical

The Gay Secretary
Why did I vote for this man? Well, that's a post for another time, believe me. At this moment, Obama is turning into Bush and that ain't cool.

President Obama, has done a brilliant job of creating an object lesson, through the invasion of Iraq, about just what can happen to a country which has absolutely no nuclear deterrent.

And President Obama, for the gazillionth time: you know (and if you don't, your military science advisors should be telling you) that what Iran is working on is a power station.

The level of uranium enrichment is that consistent with creating a power station, and not a weapon, which would take a far higher level of enrichment. The IAEA inspections have consistently confirmed that.

As a signatory to the NPT (which, as you know, Israel is not), Iran is perfectly within its rights to be using nuclear energy for peaceful means, i.e., building a power station.

In fact, if we were on the ground as advisors for this process, American scientists would see for themselves, without question, that there is absolutely no weapons development going on whatsoever.

However, that would be logical.

And that would completely undermine Israel's continued bellicose complaining that they need the US to exterminate its next "existential threat", Iran.

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