Friday, June 5, 2009

Life Through a Lens

The Gay Secretary

I recently received an e-mail from someone complaining that I was
giving Obama a hard time, even though he was doing his best to help
us all out of our current situation. The e-mail was heartfelt and
sincere (though I'm not entirely sure which of my rants it was in
response to). But it was an outstanding example of how the mental
"lenses" most people wear guarantee their perpetual enslavement.

People from both major parties can often be heard to opine that
this or that politician is "working hard" to fix the problems of
society, and "doing his best" to help the people. Let's set aside
their assertions that what politicians do is done out of good
intentions. Though I think politicians are all lying crooks,
motives can be hard to actually prove. Actions, on the other hand,
are pretty easy to observe.

A lot of people really and truly believe in "government" solutions
to problems. However, that's only because they don't understand
what "government" is, and what it does.

Government does not create any wealth.
Everything it "gives," it first has to take, which it does by
threatening to use the club of "law." Whether by direct "taxation,"
the fraud of "monetary policy," "tax credits," or any other "legal"
incentives or disincentives, all "government" ever does
economically is coerce people into spending what they earn the way
the politicians want it spent, instead of the way the people who
earned it wanted it spent.

The same is true of all other "laws." Every "law" is a threat
backed by force (fines or imprisonment), either telling people they
must do something, or they must not do something. In other words,
all it does is limit the ways in which people can interact,
financially or otherwise. It creates nothing, and it adds no new
opportunities or choices. It's a club, and nothing else.

Yet most of the country not only fails to recognize
that the "government" hammer is the cause of most of society's
problems, but they still insists that there can be such a thing as
"government solutions," as if all society needs is a few more well-
placed hits with the hammer of "law," and everything will be fine.
They think all we need is the right guy, with the right intentions,
wielding the hammer, and we'll all be saved. Good grief.

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