Friday, June 12, 2009

For Shame, Arianna, For Shame

American Scofflaw

Within a few hours, I received an email from a Huffington Post administrator informing me he had scrubbed my video from the site. "I don't see that it has any real news value," the administrator told me. "For me it only proves that one can find drunk people willing to say just about anything. Especially drunk, moronic people." For the first time, the premier clearinghouse for online news and opinions had suppressed one of my posts.------Max Blumenthal

Mondoweiss, the group that made the original video, has some very interesting commentary on the ongoing controvery this has caused, as well as Gawker, who broke the story about Huffington Post censoring the video .

The Anti-Defamation League purports to fight bigotry, racism and intolerance, but it has been noted here at Under The Radar Media that the organization selectively chooses which issues that it wants to address. HR 1913, the House version of the hate crime bill, was authored by the ADL and they hailed it’s controversial passage on April 29, 2009. While the bill purports to protect gays and minoritys, it’s true intention is to make criticism of Israel and Zionism a “hate crime.”

If the ADL-controlled YouTube decides to censor this video you can watch it here or here.

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