Friday, June 12, 2009

Fear Sells

The Gay Secretary

The selling of fear, courtesy of the corporate media, is definitely keeping many Americans from thinking straight.

Because if they were thinking straight, they could recognise the continuous polyphony of lies spewed on a constant basis to keep them fearful, and suddenly have the clarity to evaluate the truth in a calm, rational manner.

And the truth? We are being taxed to death for wars without end to enrich the purveyors of war.

These wars were premised on a confession, obtained by torture, and the person who made that confession recently - very conveniently - "committed suicide."

These wars, and the blood and money sacrificed to pursue them, were based on a pack of lies.

These wars have been the justification for eviscerating the Constitution and Bill of Rights at home, and have made us infinitely less safe abroad.

We, as a nation, have now legitimized torture as a normal procedure, effectively and practically removing us from every human rights treaty to which we have ever been signatory.

Our use of torture now makes it perfectly acceptable for foreign countries holding American civilian or military personnel to do torture them.

If and when the citizens of this country regain their mental and emotional clarity, and look at this, the question becomes: how will the pure rage they feel wind up getting channeled or vented?

Newton's third law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction: the same can be said of geopolitics.

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