Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mullen to Israel: Don’t Bomb Iran Now

American Scofflaw

Memo to Admiral Mullen:

A: Iran is developing a power plant only. You - and your science advisors - understand, without question, that the level of enrichment of the uranium is far lower for running a power plant than what is needed to build a nuclear weapon. The enrichment the Iranians are doing , as inspected by the IAEA, is completely consistent with that which is necessary for a power plant, not building a weapon.

B. There is no good time for the Israelis (supported, or course, by the US) to go to war with Iran.

And sir, you very well know the reason for this. In terms of strike by anyone on Iran, this issue is the 6,000 lb gorilla, sitting on the Steinway in the living room.

That factor, sir, is Russia.

What precisely are Medvedev, Putin, and the Duma going to do when they see their 7th largest trading partner attacked? Nothing?

Sir, I am not a betting person; but I wouldn't bet, for one second, that the Russian reaction to just such a scenario would be "nothing".

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