Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free $$$$

American Scofflaw
The police, instead of fighting crime, will be looking for opportunities to confiscate assets.

We had a case like that a few years back in California, in which the police coveted a pricey piece of real estate and decided that if they raided it and found any marijuana plants growing on it, they could confiscate the property under the civil forfeiture laws and balance their departmental budget.

They did not have any evidence against the property owner, of course, but assumed that it would be "likely" to find a marijuana plant on property that large just from a seed dropped by a smoker.

So they raided the place, and the property owner, not aware that the guys in black were cops, tried to defend his home and was killed.

No marijuana was found anywhere on the property.

Folks, what they are talking about here is pillage, where an occupying armed force simply takes what it wants from the population. They may proclaim it just and legal under the rules they make up for themselves, but it is still pillage.

And it will get worse.

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