Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cat Walk

Charlie the cat,  nicknamed Spidercat, he climbs a wall to gain entry to where he lives: Cat amazes owner by climbing the walls of her house

Charlie the cat can scale the walls of his master's home in Denny, near Falkirk, Scotland, to sneak indoors via the upstairs balcony door.

The ginger and white tomcat grips onto the sheer pebbledash surface to make his vertical ascent.

His owner Hannah Smith said she discovered her mischievous pet's talent when she let him out of the front door downstairs, only for him to reappear indoors moments later.

The seven-year-old cat's gravity-defying skills have since become a regular sight, earning him the nickname "Spider-cat" among bemused neighbours.

Miss Smith said: "Charlie miaows at the front door to be let out. So we let him out but no sooner is he let out than he wants back in.

"But if no one hears him at the front door, he wanders round to the back of the buildings to find the balcony. He then climbs up to the balcony to get back in.

"So Charlie really goes out the front door and in the back door."

She added: "I got him as a wee kitten and out of the litter Charlie was the one that looked most mischievous and I liked that about him. He's certainly lived up to his reputation.

"I think it is totally incredible how Charlie is able to climb up a roughcast wall. I've seen cats climb trees but I've never seen a cat climb a wall. It's amazing."

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