Friday, May 22, 2009

Alleged Scofflaw For Hire

American Scofflaw
This proves what I have been saying all along. The government can have all these systems watching us, reading our emails, scanning our computers, listening to our phone calls ... but there is just to much data for them to make any sense of at all.

The spying is just to scare us into not talking with each other about what has been going on.

By Paul McNamara
As noted here just yesterday, you can be put at risk of identity theft in more ways than a person can count, say merely by applying for unemployment benefits in New Jersey or buying a car in Colorado.

Add winning the lottery in Texas to the list. ... And this tale has the added bonus of showing once again why everyone so loves their state bureaucrats.

From The Houston Chronicle:

A former Texas lottery worker was arrested while training for a new job Tuesday - his fourth with the state - and charged with illegally "possessing" personal information on 140 lottery winners and employees, including their names and Social Security numbers.

Joseph Mueggenborg was still working for the Lottery Commission in 2007 when he allegedly took the information, which was discovered last year on a state computer at the Comptroller of Public Accounts where he later was employed. He was fired and the information was turned over to criminal investigators.

And while that investigation continued, Mueggenborg would not be allowed within a Texas-sized county of any state resident's personal data, right? Well ...

When arrested Tuesday, however, the computer analyst was training for yet another job, at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Travis County prosecutor Jason English said it was "concerning" that the man was still working for the state after being fired by the comptroller.

Concerning. That's certainly one word for it.

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