Thursday, April 16, 2009

WWII Tax and War Propaganda

American Scofflaw

This is the transcript of a hearing before Judge James C. Fox on March 21, 2003.

In it, on page 23, Judge James C. Fox admits that the 16th amendment actually failed ratification, then goes on to claim a legal "principle" that because the US Government has gotten away with pretending the 16th has been ratified all these last 94 years, that there is no reason to challenge it today!

In other words, the US Government KNOWS that Philander Knox lied when he claimed the 16th Amendment was ratified. And whenever they collect an income tax on the basis of that amendment, they KNOW they are acting illegally. And unless we wish to stipulate that Judge James C. Fox is an exceptional intellect among judges, we may assume that a large number of other judges also know this fraud is being perpetrated, but go along with it since judges are paid out of tax revenues by that very same government perpetrating that fraud!

And the media spins, spins, spins and spins: Yes, tax cuts are BAD. Having no money of your own is GOOD. DOUBLE PLUS GOOD.

We are probably the most over-taxed nation on planet earth and yet these idiots are trying to tell us what a "bargain" we are getting. Some quick facts: despite Michael Moore's propaganda, our health care system is falling the hell apart. You do NOT go to the emergency room and get helped within a few minutes or even a half hour. Even if you are gushing blood from a head wound you'll end up sitting there for SIX HOURS. Yeah, what a great "bargain" we are getting.

Bend over taxpayer. We're not done with you yet.

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