Friday, April 24, 2009

Stop it Jane, You're Being Silly

American Scofflaw

There is another aspect to this case people have not commented on. In ending the phone call with the suspected with "This conversation never happened"

Harman betrays a comfortable familiarity with the contents, suggesting that these sorts of quid pro quos with AIPAC are a very common occurrence in DC.

Yeah, and NOW wiretapping is a real problem, isn't it, Jane; now that you have been hoisted on the petard you yourself approved of!

I love how she gets flustered at 3 minutes!

The fact is that what AIPAC wanted, charged reduced against Rosen and Weissman, did in fact happen. The charges of espionage were indeed reduced to merely being in possession of classified documents.

So, if Jane did not obstruct justice, she is saying someone else did.

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