Friday, April 17, 2009

The Real Message Here

The Gay Secretary

Every Holocaust museum is a monument to people who REFUSED TO STAND UP AND DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAINST TYRANNY IN GOVERNMENT and instead demanded the rest of the world step in to protect them!

Every Holocaust museum is a testimonial to people who chose to remain silent and inactive even as their neighbors were being rounded up and sent to slave labor camps.

Every Holocaust Museum is a reminder of all the Jewish people who could have stood up to stop Hitler and decided not to.

Is that an ideal we want to teach our children in museums? To knuckle under, to go along, to bow, to obey, even when you know the leadership of the nation is on a dangerous and destructive path?

Israel demands money and unconditional support from the rest of the world with the claim that "we" let it happen. But in truth, isn't it the people who were there in Germany, closest to the crimes that bear the blame for allowing "it", whatever "it" really was, to happen?

Every Holocaust museum is an attempt to re-write history, to transfer the blame for one people's inaction and cowardice onto the rest of the world.

Where are the museums in every American city to the American soldiers who DID step in, often at loss of life, to stop Hitler from completing whatever his plans were?

Why are we not seeing Museums to them in every American city?

Are the lives of Americans somehow less important?

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