Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Wondering

The Gay Secretary
War. The ultimate game. An addiction to death and the rush it brings. Even tho war is hell, many players cannot fathom doing anything else..ever. I know such a man. A man trying to leave the "theater" behind but cant because as he puts it, "it is what I am good at." But there is a more sinister underlying reason people such as these return for tour after tour and make the military their life's careers. The true warrior is of a different breed than the ones repulsed by death and destruction but live by the creed, "I like killing things." Blood lust. Pleasure derived in death.

Ever felt it? The blood lust. Ever kill for pleasure, or to see if it is possible to make that shot? I have many times and will again. I have felt the rush of big game hunting, an intensive adrenaline flow that leaves one weak in the knees with the accompanying tale to tell around the fires in elk camp. I have witnessed "buck fever," where one descends into another realm and everything hangs in time that slows to a seemingly eternity with the accompanied pounding of heightened blood pressure and the inability to catch ones breath that erases all memories as the world suspends in the moment. It is addicting. What the non hunter or the Peta bleeding hearts can never understand, the big game hunter knows exactly why war is so popular. We also feel the pleasure from the precision of bullet placement. We know the heightened awareness that comes with hunting dangerous game with the search and destroy of a wounded bear and it is thrilling and unlike anything artificial. We comprehend the mindset it takes to be what the Marines term "a few good men." Make no mistake, we know what it takes and there really is only a few.

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