Friday, March 27, 2009

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American Scofflaw
I oppose this latest grab for control over our lives (California may ban black cars) for two reasons. The first is that if one thinks about it long enough, there is always going to be one more reason why the government should control our lives just a bit more. How much water we use, when we can run the air conditioners, where we can live, what clothes we must wear and when, what we may or may not watch on the internet, to what gods we must sacrifice, etc. etc. etc.

It never stops.

Until you make it stop.

The second reason I am opposed to this level of government tinkering in our lives is that while the science behind banning black paint is fairly straightforward, the same is not true for some of the other intrusive measures government has taken, such as the push for ethanol that turned out to ruin automobile fuel systems and created a food shortage.

Even today as the Earth demonstrably cools, those government entities that have hitched their fortunes to human-caused global warming are still trying to figure out a direct path into your wallet and control over your hot body, reality be damned. and of course, it continues to emerge that government-mandated vaccinations may be contributing to the epidemic of autism.

The fact is that the government has botched a lot of things, including the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, our industrial base, just to name a few. The assumption that government knows best is simply not operational at this time.

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