Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Phony Obama Rage

The Gay Secretary
American Scofflaw
And, remember this guy voted for Obama!

Apparently the president was "outraged" that AIG paid out $165M in pay and bonuses after his own congress forced $175B down their throats in the face of reported 10:1 to voter opposition (that was the low end).

I guess the president doesn't follow Goldman Sachs, which paid out $11B in pay and bonuses after grabbing $10B from taxpayers.

Gee, let's see...

$11B (GS) vs. $165M (AIG)
110% of taxpayer funds (GS) vs. 0.1% of taxpayer funds (AIG)

But isn't this the obvious problem with centrally managed Socialist/Marxist economies? A few people, especially those dumb enough to think they can manage the entire world economy in real time, cannot possibly understand a single company from an outsider's perspective, let alone the truly infinite complexity and often counter intuitive efficiencies of global capitalism, assuming it was ever tried.

It is also a shame the President of the United States feels the need to belittle his office by quarreling with the CEO of a penny stock, and apparently losing.

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