Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama, It's Me Again

The Gay Secretary

I used to live in Los Angeles. I lived through the Rodney King riots.

I watched the cops run like hell.

I watched law-abiding citizens go to gun stores to buy protection and were blocked by California's waiting period.

I watched as criminals who did not already have guns simply smashed the windows of gun stores and abandoned police cars and steal the guns they wanted.

And I watched a store keeper standing on the roof of his store, with his AK-47, keeping the looters at bay when the police were nowhere to be found.

So, you tell us all why it would have been preferable for this law abiding store owner, whose entire life was invested in his business, to not have that AK-47 to protect his business when the cops ran like hell.

You just try to explain that one.

Read all about it and then give this duped Obama voter a shout, okay?

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