Friday, March 6, 2009

Did we all just dodge A Depopulation Bullet?

American Scofflaw
The combination of H5N1 with H3N2 could not be more deadly if it was designed that way, combining the lethal but hard to transmit H5N1 with the more easily transmitted H3N2?

As a side note, many researchers are now convinced that the HIV virus was accidentally created during the mass smallpox vaccination program in the 1950s (before reassortment was understood) when cowpox taken from cows with bovine leukemia were cultured on livers taken from sheep with the visna virus. The bovine leukemia and sheep viruses were merged under those conditions, creating a new virus, which to this day shows features of both original viruses.

Remember "Spanish Flu", which actually appeared on US military bases at the end of WWI and was spread to the rest of the world by infected US soldiers transferred to foreign bases ( I guess those trenches didn't kill off enough surplus population).

Check it out for yourself

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