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Dear Judge: SCREW!!

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On February 26, 2007 and again on May 2 of that year, a team of U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Attorneys and Federal District Court Judge Nancy G. Edmunds of the Eastern District of Michigan tried to order Peter and Doreen Hendrickson to testify against themselves.

Judge Edmunds (described by The Ann Arbor News and The Grand Rapids Press as guilty of perverting justice in another recent case, as well) granted a DOJ- and IRS-requested “summary judgment” in a lawsuit attempting to force the Hendricksons to change sworn testimony on their tax returns in order to give the federal government a pretext for claiming the couple owed income taxes in 2002 and 2003.

The suit, and Edmunds’ “order”, are part of a sustained IRS effort to suppress revelations about the true legal nature of the income tax presented in Peter Hendrickson’s book, 'Cracking the Code- the Fascinating Truth about Taxation in America', which have had the tax agency in behind-the-scenes disarray for many years now.

Since the book went to print in August 2003, readers have been steadily recovering every penny withheld from them in connection with the income tax from the federal and state governments -- including Social Security and Medicare ‘contributions’.

Edmunds’ "order" is purely for the consumption of a gullible public and press. Forcing someone to change sworn testimony is not only outside the authority of any court (or anyone else) but attempting to do so is a violation of several different criminal statutes.

Nonetheless, the DOJ and IRS have made careful and deliberate use of the "order"-- posting press releases claiming a victory in court, without mentioning that the "order" purports to dictate the content of the Hendricksons’ sworn testimony, and thus is inherently void. The agencies also fail to mention that the reason this "order" was sought is that without a change in the Hendricksons’ returns, there is no legal pretext by which the government can claim that any tax is due from the couple for the years involved.

Along with issuing the “order” regarding the Hendricksons’ previous testimony, Edmunds also played her part in another IRS pretense by way of this “lawsuit”, involving agency-fabricated mis-statements of law it claimed were found in Hendrickson’s book. In constructing its “complaint”, the government asked Judge Edmunds to enjoin the Hendricksons from filing returns reflecting these fabricated, erroneous legal assertions.

Edmunds compliantly issued this additional meaningless injunction, barring the Hendricksons from filing any forms based on these IRS-invented “false and frivolous claims” which she says are set forth in 'Cracking the Code-...'. (These “claims”-- such as that “wages do not constitute income”, or that “only government workers are liable for income taxes”-- not only do not appear in the book, but are explicitly contradicted by the book.)

The tax agency then began announcing that Pete Hendrickson has been enjoined against acting on what is presented in his book, when Hendrickson and his wife have actually been barred from nothing by this “injunction”. (Such an injunction would be outside the power of the court in any event, since to tell anyone what he or she CAN’T say amounts to dictating what must be said.)

Judge Edmunds did all of this without the formality of a trial, and despite the fact that not only do official Treasury Department Certificates of Assessment show that the Hendricksons owe no taxes for the years in question, but nowhere in the complaint does the DOJ present evidence that the Hendricksons owe anything or that their testimony is false.

The Hendricksons have taken the matter to the Supreme Court.

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