Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Work?

American Scofflaw

Instead of tax amnesty, how about tax FORGIVENESS! How about a modern revival of Jubilee?

All taxes do is impoverish the people to keep them working. But we are already impoverished and we are working as hard as we can while seeing our lives' work dissolve before us, and the burden of taxes is so great (not to mention all the debt being piled on us faster than we can ever pay it off) that it is just destroying any and all hope for the future and with it any enthusiasm to try to work our way out of this mess.

It's all printed paper money created out of thin air anyway. And the Fed is printing it up like crazy to bail out the corporations. How about a bailout for WE THE PEOPLE?

Let us face it. If we are so much in debt that we can never work our way out, why would anyone feel want to work at all?

The economy would be cured overnight if we cut all Federal taxes 50%. That means we have to give up killing brown people around the globe, but I think making that particular sacrifice is the only way to save the country at this point.

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