Friday, February 20, 2009

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Sit your child down, and gently explain to your child that the destruction of the Twin Towers on 911 was part of a global, overarching strategy by elements within the intelligence communities, global financial elite, both in the United States and Israel, to initiate a war against humanity; utilizing the fear generated in the world by the 911 attacks to foment the formation of a global police state, a New World Order, composed of a hierarchy of a handful of billionaire oligarchs sitting on top of billions of poor, living in Mumbai-type slums, providing a control-matrix within which the elite would run the world, without fear of retribution for their acts of tyranny.

Gently explain to your child, for they will now be afraid, that 911 was a "false-flag" terrorist act. That false-flag terrorist acts are acts of mass-murder using bombs, chemicals, diseases, etc...against innocent populations, children, to instill mass hysteria, but then in the ensuing confusion, blame these atrocious acts against a third party to deflect responsibility away from the real culprits; and then use the fear generated for some ulterior purpose. In the case of 911, Osama bin Laden was blamed for the attacks, along with his organization, al Qaeda, a secret army created by the CIA that fought the Russians in Afghanistan, the Serbs in Kosovo, and in the Bekaa Valley, the Syrians; and in the aftermath of fear, the global elite, led by the Bush administration, began the work of installing the police state that now exists in the United States (Homeland Security), Britain, Australia, and France.

As added background, tell your babies that 911-type terrorism has evolved, historically, to its present form, dating from the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1896, and has been used by the U.S. and other countries to control the innate need for people everywhere to freely express themselves and be self-determined. That controlling them, making them more fearful and compliant, was necessary so international corporations could control markets, labor, production and distribution without fear of unions, living wages, environmental protection laws, taxes or fear of being arrested for crimes against humanity, like drug running or child sex tourism.

If your children are now crying hystericlly, take the time to calm them down, and then as part of your presentation to your children, it would be wise to explain to them that much of modern tension in the world, muslim world, and the west is rooted in the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the U.S. led overthrow of the Mossadegh government in Iran in 1953. That the islamic fundamentalism that has swept the middle east and central asia was just a reaction, a blowback, from these two events; and that part of the strategies laid out in the post-planning process of 911 false-flag attacks was to follow Israeli foreign policy aims, destroying the infrastructure of the muslim world, create a greater Israel from parts of the muslim middle east and, at the same time, opening up markets for corporations, for resources like oil in these muslim countries, for the Koran strictly forbids usury and taking advantage of the weak and the helpless; and then, ultimately, acting to undermine the governments of Russian and China, with color-code revolutions, as they are "competitors" to the corporations run by the global elite, and the New World Order the "elite" wish to impose upon the world.

Lastly, explain to your now terrified, comatose children, that the current global economic melt-down was another act of terror, part of the strategy of fear enacted by elite-run global central banks: siphoning billions of dollars from the Pentagon, Iraq crony contacts, from the central banks of the United States and Europe, in the aftermath of the CDO melt-down, to off-shore island bank accounts and in Israel, as part of the strategy of global mass-hysteria; so that the world would blindly go along into the New World Order. That mommy cannot now find a job, as there are none, so she has to work as a prostitute in order to feed her babies.

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