Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NoBama Por favor, NoBama!!!

The Gay Secretary

We the People are no longer in control of this government, which still, blindly and smugly, claims to work, and act, in our name.

Some time back in this country's beginnings, there was the cry of "taxation without representation" as big reason for people to join the Patriot movement against the British.

Unfortunately, we have come to yet another age of "taxation without representation".

Yes, we do have elections, and appear to hold our collective breath that the "lesser of two evils" will ultimately be chosen.

But unfortunately Congress has become both the handmaiden and enabler of the huge corporate interests which bankroll them. So it really doesn't matter who wins: the corporate interests always trump the interests of the individuals and the country.

Take a good look at what "your" government has been doing; spending billions of money it didn't (and doesn't) have to pursue "wars without end" , which will, at the end of the day, fall on the backs of every working taxpayer, desperately trying to stay afloat.

And about those Bush and Obama "Bailouts"; the only folks who have, and continue to be, bailed out are the irresponsible buffoons who created the mess in the first place, believing that their "superiority" to every day working people makes it right for us to shoulder the financial burden of their mistakes.

And how much will this much ballyhooed Obama "stimulus going to be paid by every taxpayer? Congrats: You've just been handed a cool $30,000 more in taxes to pay, courtesy of this legislation, which your alleged legislators are hell-bent on getting passed!!

Taxation without true representation?!?

Think about it: when the hell were your financial interests represented here?

The short answer is, they weren't. All you are is an unlimited source of tax revenue that can be squeezed from you to the point of bare survival.

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