Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Kanjorski Report

American Scofflaw

Kanjorski admitted this only in his fluster at a very angry caller into C-Span. The moral of this video is twofold. First, the government and corporate media are still concealing information from you that you needed to know. Second, call and scream at politicians. It gets them flustered and they will admit information they otherwise would not (and it will lower your blood pressure as well).

What this article misses is that the economic attack was intendedd to cause the maximum damage. Kanjorski talks about "around the 15th" then mentions Thursday. The Thursday before the 15th was the 11th, and the trades took place between 9AM and 11AM. Whoever did this attack wanted the obvious parallels with the first 9-11. In other words, this was a false flag attack.

Who did it?

I think we can assume that if it were an Arab nation, it would have been headline news.

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