Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Over Our Head

American Scofflaw

The economy would recover if the US Government would slash taxes by 50%.

That means that people could pay their mortgages. That ends the mortgage crisis. We could pay down our credit cards. That ends the credit crisis.

Cutting all Federal taxes by 50% would make the US a more manufacturing-friendly nation, which would bring back manufacturing with their high-paying jobs.

Of course, to slash taxes by 50% means giving up out national addiction to killing brown people all over the world, but I for one am willing to go "cold turkey" on this one.

Forget sub-prime, forget AIG, forget Ken Lay, forget Bernie Madoff, the root cause of the problem is that we have been taxed to near-death. A gigantic leach is attached to our collective throats, sucking and sucking more and more blood and even though this leech hears our heart flutter and sees the signals of imminent death it only sucks harder to drain that last drop of blood before life leaves the corpse and the leech slithers off to its next victim.

Anyone have a box of salt?

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