Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Doubt It

If Obama actually carries through with ending tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs abroad, it will be the first thing he has done I agree with. But, it does not go far enough.
We need to lower taxes in this country to the point where we can be competitive with other nations' manufacturing.

The reason those foreign countries get by with paying their workers less is that it costs less to live there! The United States is one of the most expensive places to live and the reason is the constant uplifts to the cost of everything because of taxation, half of which goes to feed the wear machine.

If we gave up our psychotic need to kill brown people around the world, we could cut all Federal taxes IN HALF and not see any reductions on social service or infrastructure.

That means that Americans would not need to earn as much money to keep the same lifestyle, and could work for wages and salaries more consistent with other industrialized nations.

At bottom there is really only one difference between the economy of the United States and that of other nations and that is the vast sums of money spent by the US on things that kill other people, or sent to Israel so that they can kill other people.

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