Thursday, February 5, 2009

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When you dump the wrong chemical into the public water supply, it makes people nervous. Yesterday, chemical treatment plant workers in Bellaire, Ohio, accidentally dumped 40 pounds of hydrochloric acid into the public water supply instead of 40 pounds of toxic fluoride chemicals they were supposed to dump.

Falling fluoride levels alerted water treatment officials to the problem, and they immediately issued an alert to tell people to stop drinking the water. The water system was then flushed by opening fire hydrants across the town to remove any trace of hydrochloric acid.

But here's the hilarious part in all this: Hydrochloric acid is safer than fluoride! It's the same acid used in your stomach to digest food, and at levels of a few parts per million, it's absolutely harmless. The real poison in the water is the toxic fluoride being dumped into the water supply by ignorant city officials all around the world.

There isn't a shred of (non-falsified) evidence showing that drinking synthetic fluoride chemicals produces any health benefits whatsoever, and there's considerable evidence that it causes tremendous harm: Fluorosis (, fragile bones and perhaps even increased cancer risk. The fluoridation of public water supplies is one of the great scams of our time.

Besides, the fluoride dumped into public water supplies is actually an EPA-regulated toxic waste chemical. If it weren't being dumped into the water, it would have to be disposed of through expensive toxic material handling companies. But by selling the chemical to cities, chemical companies avoid having to dispose of it through expensive toxic waste handlers and, instead, actually make some money delivering it to brain-dead city officials who dump it into the water!

So when water treatment numnuts in Bellaire, Ohio thought they "poisoned" the water supply, they had actually produced the safest water that town has probably experienced in years! But safe water that's free of fluoride can't be tolerated, so they flushed it out and immediately reintroduced fluoride to the water supply.

Can't have those local townsfolk waking up from their chemically-induced dream states, can we? Hurry! Dump the fluoride into the water before these people wake up from their Bingo games and TV news brainwashing!

City Workers Accidentally Dump Hydrochloric Acid into Ohio Water Supply Instead of Toxic Fluoride

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