Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coin Flip

American Scofflaw

Wow! The US Government just dumped $30,000 in tax debt on your ass and they hope to buy you off by letting you take home an extra $10 per week. And here's the rub; just because they let you take it home right now does NOT mean you get to keep it. Absent a significant tax reduction, you will have to send that $10 back in next year's return, or at best, see that $10 deducted from any refund.

This is a cosmetic change; a public relations maneuver, with no real substance or benefit to it.

Remember the scene in "Take of Two Cities" where the coach runs over the child and the rich owner of the coach tosses a coin out the window to the parents to "pay" for the child?

The coin just got thrown at you.

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