Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anthrax Frameup

American Scofflaw

The handwriting and hair samples don't match Ivins .. he passed 2 lie detector tests with flying colors ... ..They can't place him anywhere near the place THE LETTERS WERE mailed .....He was depressed because the FBI was harrassing him and his family( like the goons they are) .... As a result he went to psychiatrist - and istherefore ` guilty' ???

The FBI is just digging themselves in deeper with this latest effort, because we already KNOW that the anthrax used in the letters came form th elab where Ivins worked. But that is also the lab where a lot of other people worked including Dr. Philip Zack, THE MAN ACTUALLY CAUGHT ON THE SECURITY SYSTEM ENTERING THE LAB WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION AFTER HE HAD LOST HIS JOB OVER A RACIALLY-MOTIVATED ATTACK ON AN EGYPTIAN CO-WORKER!

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